The mission of Janel Halteh Fitness is to provide the support individuals require to achieve their personal fitness goals. We provide a variety of programs that fit a diversity of needs. Janel believes training is a chance for an individual to focus solely on their own well-being. It is a time in which a person can be present for themselves and only themselves. It is a chance to challenge ourselves and, to develop tools that can assist us overcome any challenge that is placed in our path.


Janel’s current personal training clientele is composed of people from a wide range of backgrounds, circumstances, age and abilities. In addition, she teaches fitness classes for the Employee Wellness Program at Department of Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Healthcare System, and boxing classes to children where she hopes to build their confidence and self-discipline. Because she herself has survived car accidents and other physical injuries, helping her clients recover from their injuries is among Janel’s most rewarding activities. Her own physical challenges remind her how important a good foundation is for daily life and fitness. Ultimately, Janel believes fitness is a necessary path on the road to self-discovery, confidence, and self-love.

 Meet Janel

Janel was born and raised in Millbrae, California, and can’t remember a time when she was not participating in physical activities. as a child, Janel attended a private school where she practiced ballet for seven years. She participated in team sports until the age of seventeen, when she joined a gym that specialized in boxing. Because she had been bullied in school, she wanted to engage in an individual sport that would help to build her confidence. After three years of training, Janel decided to pursue an amateur boxing career. Two weeks before her first fight, Janel woke up with excruciating knee pain, preventing her from walking properly. Janel’s physician informed her she had torn cartilage in her knee, and she would never be able to run again. With the help of people around her, she researched more about resistance training and myofascial release, put it into practice, and was eventually able to run again. This experience convinced her that she must fully understand the physiology of the body, so she decided to pursue a degree in Kinesiology. 


Janel attended California State University, Sacramento where she pursued a degree in Exercise Science with an emphasis in Strength and Conditioning. While in Sacramento, Janel completed a competitive strength and conditioning internship. After graduation from Sacramento State, Janel worked in the Athletic Performance Program at San Jose State University, gaining expertise in programming and rehabilitation for athletes.