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03 Client testimonials

April 2018

Personal Training
I was so impressed with Janel's expertise and work ethic, I recommended her to my employers, and she now teaches two very popular classes in our employee wellness program. The most important thing to know about Janel, is that when she takes you on as a client, she will not give up on you!

-Jude Lopez

Jan 2018

Physical Therapy

I'm 82 years old and Janel evaluated me, and was confident she could help me meet my goal of being walker and cane free. Six months of intensive work later, my Physician’s evaluation states that I have no need for any walking devices.

-Lu Lopez

April 2018

Weight Loss Training
 I had gained 35lbs over the past 3 years thanks to a demanding and stressful job on top of being a mom to 2 kids under 7. Two days a week I worked with Janel and not only did she put me through some challenging workouts, but she listened to what was happening with my body and took the time to help me through the muscle pain and build a program to strengthen other muscles to fix the problem. I highly recommend Janel for fun and effective workouts.

-Lori Millang

July 2018

Weight Loss Training ( post-partum)

I was extremely impressed right off the bat with her professionalism and her preparedness to train someone with such specific (postpartum) needs. I am not sure what I would have done without her.

- Alysha Hall


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